Reliable and qualified Partners

In implementing the MAST™, for Re-Use or for New Construction – ARTENA HOUSING has benefitted from the contribution of industrial and design partners, who are leaders in their sectors, and who have studied, designed and implemented new and innovative solutions that fully meet the various  necessities of dwelling.

Artena Housing has chosen the Home Automation of BTicino because it represents the new way of designing the electrical system of the house. Thanks to modern digital technology you can achieve advanced solutions in terms of comfort, safety, energy saving, communication and audio/video remote control.

My Home is a revolutionary system that makes it accessible in a simple and customizable way all installation requirements of the house. My Home allows you to centralize the operation of the lights or motorized curtains, to create situations optimum comfort with the regulation of the climate control or the sound system Hi-Fi, to schedule automatic actions of defending the home (intrusion, gas leaks, flooding, power failure). All in accordance with the maximum ease of use thanks to the use of the buttons of the domestic series BTicino. The installation modularity and functional integration of My Home solutions enable you to optimize costs and gain full control of the house even remotely, using your cell phone, handheld or PC connected to the Internet to the private portal My Home, which has been certified ISO27001 “Information technology-security management systems”.

Artena Housing relies on the windows and door systems and regulation of natural light to Schuco.

Projects – as to re-use that new construction – have been adopted windows and french doors, hinged or sliding of Schuco, who studied, especially for the windows of great size, special solutions for Artena Housing.
In particular for the sliding doors, was chosen the system Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI by which solutions can be implemented for large surfaces with maximum transparency. The scenic design of the Schüco ASS 77 PD.HI stands out for the sections in view of minimum central partition and a fixed frame retractable built-in connection with the building structure.
In addition to the design, the system proves excellent even for the high thermal insulation, with a value Uw up to 1.3 W/m²K and for the excellent characteristics of the system. A drive technology and automatic locking retractable profile ensures maximum ease of use, combined with the ability to connect with the remote control or via the Home Automation system of the house.

Artena Housing has chosen Weishaupt as partner for heat pumps and condensing boilers.

Weishaupt is one of the leading international companies for burners, heating systems and condensing and solar technology. Reliability, precision work and service are hallmarks of the family-owned German company, founded in 1932 by Max Weishaupt and now present in over 60 countries with subsidiaries and affiliates.

The plants are located in Germany and Switzerland. The research and development, as well as the production of burners, take place at its headquarters in Schwendi, which employs about 1.000 people.

Thanks to an exemplary development work, Weishaupt provides techniques oriented to the future and to save energy. Among the most important and fundamental technological innovations developed by the company include the technique of digital programming of the burners and the O2 trim (SCOT technology) as standard on all condensing boilers to gas.

Artena Housing has chosen Siemens as a partner for mechanical system, automation and regulation. Always been the leader in this technological sector, Siemens, thanks to a constant commitment to research and development of innovative products and solutions, is the international benchmark for the market of Building Automation.

The products and solutions are capable of providing the entire technological infrastructure of a building and functional performance characteristics that guarantee the highest levels of comfort, efficiency, safety and profitability. The architecture of the building automation systems from Siemens, from the field level to the supervision, uses open communication protocols, consistent with international standards.

With the most comprehensive range of programmable automation controllers, configurable, programmable and BTL certified EU.BAC, Siemens enables the creation of systems for home and building automation for each type of plant, room, building from simple temperature control of a single room to manage all the facilities of a complex of buildings on geographical distribution, by WEB too.